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10 Healthy Lifestyle changes you should make this Year – Bebolively

A healthy body and mind can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle. Staying Healthy and fit should not be taken as a compulsion or competition, it should be a way of life, a clear image of one’s soul and personality. A strict diet regime or strenuous exercise can never make you love what you eat and practice. You would only love your food and exercise routine if you love your body! You would do anything for something you love, isn’t it?

So the first step towards better health and a healthy life is loving your own body, which means cutting off everything that harms it and taking in all that benefits it. Eating clean, eating correct, eating without a grumpy face( coz you love the taste of your food ) are other mantras that I follow personally on a regular basis to stay healthy and fit.

Let’s talk about all the healthy habits that you must switch to this year!

1. Say ‘NO’ to Sugar

Sugar is a natural component found in fruits and vegetables. The amount of sugar we require daily is compensated with the intake of fruits and vegetables and other food. Consumption of excessive sugar can lead to a host of diseases including pancreatic cancer, kidney stones, gout, etc. Consumption of sugar has been as a major reason for weight gain, even among people who exercise regularly.

A host of other ailments namely, High blood pressure, Heart diseases, slow memory, blood sugar, all this is caused due to regular sugar intake. We often complain of these issues even after following a healthy lifestyle but unknowingly we forget to cut down on the most dangerous obstacle between us and a healthy body.

Alternatives to sugar

Jaggery/ Jaggery powder/Gur: This natural sweetener often used to fight illness and infection can be the best resort to overall wellness. The best alternative to sugar as it comes with wonderful health benefits like helping in digestion, to helping in weight control, etc.

Honey: Another natural sweetener packed with numerous health benefits. From your internal organs to skin to hair, honey is a jack of off all trades!

Maple Syrup: Loaded  with Antioxidants, Vitamin like niacin, B1,B2 and minerals like calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium etc. this artificial sweetener has a lower Glycemic index( A scale to measure the relative risk of blood sugar level in the blood two hour after consuming the food), which in short and non-technical terms means it contributes lesser in comparison to sugar in causing Blood Sugar or what is called Diabetes.

Coconut Sugar: With a lower fructose value( natural Sweetening agent present in sugarcane/fruits) in comparison to sugar. It also has a lower glycemic value, hence it is a better option for diabetes patients.

Agave nectar: A very popular option for vegans at is  obtained from plants. It has a lower glycemic value when compared to sugar. But it’s a highly concentrated formula, so it should only be consumed in moderation. I personally don’t prefer it!

2. Drinking Apple cider Vinegar with lukewarm water, first thing in the morning

Apple Cider vinegar, when consumed with lukewarm water in the morning on an empty stomach, works wonderfully in detoxifying the body and cleansing your body internally. Backed by science and various dietitians, this combination is believed to work wonders for weight loss and management. It also provides energy and boosts your metabolism and immunity.

3. Don’t skip your breakfast

By skipping the first meal of the day you might make the biggest mistake. Breakfast acts a fuel to your body, providing the much-needed energy and nutrition it needs. Eating breakfast has a number of health benefits. It aids in weight loss and metabolism boost, Increases concentration and focus, reduce hunger pangs during the day. You can read about the benefits of eating breakfast here…http://localhost/bebo/how-to-lose-weight-by-eating-breakfast/

4. Drinking enough water

Nothing can heal you like water, None is a better friend than water!

Yes, water is the best friend of our body. It alone builds 70% of our body and it is our duty to replenish it. We all know how much water has to do to our body and how much good it does! So stop thinking, start drinking! Drink water according to your weight, body type, and physical activities.

A person with a lower weight and leaner body would require lesser water than a person with a larger size and weight. Also, your daily activities determine your water intake rituals, an active person, who regularly sweats it out in the gym or is involved in other forms of physical activity requires more water than inactive individuals. Water balances the ionic concentration of the body. Read more on water benefits…

5. Taking up a hobby on a regular basis

This could be working out in the gym, taking a brisk half an hour walk, jogging, playing a sport or anything that moves your body from one place to another continuously for at least half an hour a day. Physical fitness is very important. It not only keeps you away from various diseases and health issues but also contributes towards a healthy lifestyle. No wonder if you’re looking for that glow on your face, being physically active will do that for you!

6. Do not forget to add fruits and vegetables to all your meals

I’m a big fan of sorted veggies, Fruit salad, and puddings. I prefer Salads to rich spicy curries. But that’s totally my call, not everyone is supposed to share the same habits and tastes. But one must eat raw or half-cooked veggies with every meal, especially for lunch and dinner. Coming to fruits, you must eat at least one fruit a day. Fruits are packed with antioxidants and vitamins, and a rich source of dietary fiber.

A very important personal tip, one must go for fruits and vegetables available locally rather than exotic fruits and vegetables. Local fruits and vegetable benefit our body in a much better way.

7. Do not eat after 8 PM.

Eating late not only contributes to gaining weight, but it also increases the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Eating after 8  or very late at night increases cholesterol levels as well. The later you eat, the lesser time you give your body to digest the food and prepare itself for sleep. Basically, a gap of at least 2-3 hours should be maintained between your last meal and the time you go off to bed. Also, make sure not to intake a lot of carbohydrates for dinner. Keep your dinner lighter, with more protein and fiber into it. Also, do not skip veggies.

8. Proper Protein Intake

A healthy body requires a healthy diet. One of the most important healthy lifestyle change that one can make would be to keep a track of your daily protein intake. Taking protein with every meal is extremely important. Drinking protein shakes as pre-workout and post-workout drinks work well for muscle synthesis. A recent study also suggested that adults require more protein with increasing age as their muscle begin to synthesize protein faster.

Some great sources of protein are:

  • Eggs
  • Almond
  • Milk
  • Quinoa
  • Chia seeds
  • Chicken breast
  • Cottage cheese/Paneer
  • Greek Yogurt/ Hung Curd

Also read: http://localhost/bebo/10-health-benefits-of-whey-protein/

9. Fasting once a week/ Intermittent Fasting

The human body is the most complex machine in the world. Just like a machine wears out with regular use, and requires rest, similarly, our body also requires rest and relaxation. One of the best ways to detoxify your body is to go for intermittent fasting wherein you do not eat for 7-8 hours ( drink water though).

Doing this would not only cleanse your digestive system but will also increase your metabolism level and fuel up the weight loss process, as the body starts using the fat stored in the adipose tissue to compensate the energy requirement during the period of fasting.

This process is helpful for people who are into serious weight loss process and want to shed some real pounds/kilos. One can have fruits during the fasting period.

10. Ditch Dairy Products

Switching to plant-based protein is the greatest help you can do for your body. This is by far the greatest and most beneficial Healthy lifestyle switch for me.

Almond, soy, oat milk is much lower in fat content and high in nutrients than Dairy milk. Almond milk contains vitamin D which cow’s milk doesn’t. Although dairy milk has higher protein content, that hardly makes any difference to your diet. Also, plant-based milk is naturally rich in vitamin and minerals like Vitamin E.

For Vegans and people with Lactose Intolerance plant-based milk is a blessing. Also, Tofu is a healthier option as it is rich in protein and calcium. Tofu is made by fermenting Plant-based milk.

The best advantage of this switch can be seen with a healthier heart, bones, skin and also a healthier environment!

These were my top 10 Healthy Lifestyle changes to achieve a healthy mind, diet, and body. Hope this brings a positive change into your life too. Also, let me know what’s yours.

Stay Healthy Stay positive…!!

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