Daily Health Tips For A Healthy Routine From Morning To Night

Health Tips: We live in the Smartphone Era full of radiations, toxicity, adulteration and a lot of stress. According to a recent study on mental health and focus on a normal human mind cannot focus on one particular thing for more than 8 seconds. Astonishingly, we have enslaved ourselves to cellphones and technology. Hence I am gonna give you the best Daily Health Tips which you should follow in your daily routine.

They are undeniably indispensable in today’s times. we cannot imagine our days without our smartphones and laptops. Gone are those times where we often used to spend quality times with our loved ones without touching our phones or snapping the moment. Today we don’t live the moment but we try and capture them instead.

These habits are not only weakening our bodies but also our mind, which is losing its sanctity and focus. A healthy mind and body are all-powerful on its own, it is calm and stress-free.

The world is going back to YOGA and AYURVEDA.

These are truly amazing options to restart living healthy, calm and beautifully focused. Irritability and uncontrollable aggression are two of the most destroying elements that have crept into our world. Similarly, we often see teenagers and youths losing their calm very easily on others, often on their family and friends and taking to devastating actions with sorrowful consequences. We must inculcate in them the values of a healthy lifestyle which will not only make them physically fit but will also work wonders for their mental health.

Here are my 5 Health Tips you should follow in your Routine:


  • Eat real whole foods
  • rain-boosting foods rich in vitamins and minerals like nuts, pulses, etc.
  • Think the rainbow
  • Choose high-quality lean proteins
  • Buy chemical-free foods
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water/day
  • Avoid eating out, cook at home


  • Choose something fun
  • Create a smart workout plan like those including dance or aerobics
  • Track your progress with a good number of applications available on different platforms
  • Pick a perfect time for your workout


  • Start off on a positive note
  • Listen to inspirational music
  • Focus on your blessings
  • Reframe situation


  • Get 7-8 hour uninterrupted sleep every night


  • Embrace supportive relationships
  • wean unhealthy relationship

And last but not the least Health Tips number 6 Smile a Lot šŸ™‚

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Srishti Singh
Hello, Iā€™m Srishti Singh, a Microbiologist and Nutritionist and the founder of BEBO LIVELY. As a Health and Wellness Blogger, my sole motive is to provide direction to my readers on achieving not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind.

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