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Empower Mental Health – lead a healthy and happy life

Empower mental health- lead a healthy and happy life. A healthy mind nurtures a healthy body. Healthy body and mind together nurtures a happy family, and gradually a healthy community.

Mental Health plays a major role in the total well-being of an individual. Which ultimately affects their families and eventually the community, they are a part of.

 The biggest lesson of life is probably realizing the fact that we, as individuals, have no control over what’s coming next. We might stress over a lot of stuff surrounding us. Right from our careers, to finances, to relationships, to education, and a lot more. But have you ever taken a back seat and shared a moment of gratitude with yourself for coming so far?

Well, if not, then do it right away!

Ingratitude is the most significant flaw in modern times. This often leads to comparison with other individuals. Instead of appreciating ourselves for having tried our hand at something, we dig more on the outcomes. Likewise, there are other significant areas that we need to point out and work on.

Let’s discuss some major goals to empower mental health.

Treat yourself well

Before loving anyone else, one needs to fall in love with themselves. Throughout our entire lives, most of us have lived according to other’s wishes. In making others happy, we forget about our own happiness. Here are a few ways you can treat yourself better.

  • Learn to enjoy your own company.
  • Go alone for a movie.
  • Travel alone.
  • Buy yourself gifts.
  • Feel comfortable in your skin. Wear what you want to.
  • Inhibit the fear of judgment.
  • Appreciate your own efforts instead of expecting appreciation from others.

Push your limits/ Come out of your comfort zone

One of the biggest obstacles in achieving sound mental health is not coming out of your comfort zone. We often try a lot of things, some of its works, some doesn’t. But, there a lot of us who fear failure and, in that way, dissuade themselves from trying new things. Trying new things ultimately helps us in pushing our own limits.

Limits of endurance, creativity, strength, and a lot more. It adds to our experiences and also cultivates confidence within us. Before challenging others, let’s first challenge our self. Believe it or not, your biggest competition is you yourself! Continuous trial error leads one to their goals and, in that process, nurtures a healthy mind and body. It also leaves with the satisfaction of having given something a shot. 

Cultivate new connections naturally/ Rise above social media popularity

Many a time, social media becomes stressful. We start comparing ourselves to a friend who probably has more number of followers or is far more popular than we are. Coming out of this pressure requires good and healthy connections in real life.

Support from family and friends can also help. Making new connections is equally important. With the advent of technology and the emergence of social media, the world is changing each day. We have come a long way, where connecting over a social site is just a matter of seconds.

But more than boasting about how long our friend list is on Facebook or how many people follow us on Instagram, we must understand the importance of true human connection. Instead of living a virtual life on social media, focus on cultivating new connections naturally.

Accept Rejection

Who isn’t scared of rejection? Somewhere we all are. While we all love to get a Yes on our very first try- whether it’s for a job, a pitch, or a date. But doesn’t always turn out as we want it to be. But does that mean we should stop trying? Never. It usually takes a lot of trials before you get there.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm”-Winston Churchill

Receiving rejection is receiving one person’s opinion it doesn’t mean you should stop. So keep it in your mind that accepting rejection is one of the most graceful virtues and is a part of trying on.

  Enjoy the journey.

Enjoying the journey is far better than stressing over achieving goals. Enjoy life and make good memories, so that when you look back, you would have a bundle of joys and not sad stories to recall. Sometimes it’s okay to go slow and appreciate the beauty of life.

Talk it out

Disturbed mental health often leads to anxiety, depression, etc.

According to Medical News Today- “A range of factors can increase the risk of developing depression, including traumatic events such as major life changes, grief, and accidents.” There are a lot of therapies to tackle depression. But one of the most useful things is to talk it out. Express your feelings. Starting to talk about the condition is half the battle won. Do not shy away from speaking in a disturbed state of mind. Believe me, it takes a lot of courage and strength to talk about these issues. By doing this, you not only help yourself but also inspire others to help themselves.

Stop Pretending

Do you remember the last time you had dinner with your family? Some might have an answer to this, and some might get offensive about themselves. But the fact is, in this fast pace of the modern world, the most neglected people in our lives are our family members. Partying on weekend is sought to be a better way of chilling and enjoying life than a family dinner. But do we really feel happy doing that? Are we really content with the way our lives have become? Ask this to yourself. I’m quite sure we all feel lonely somewhere down despite having a happening life. This is another hidden symptom of unsound mental health. We might pretend to be happy but we aren’t. Stop pretending happiness. Start feeling happiness. I spoke about family because that’s the only place we act less and feel more.

Nurture confidence Not Ego

Ego gives birth to insecurity and rigidity. This should be taken care of from an early age. Parents should teach emotional values and responsibilities to their children. This will help them become responsible and socially sensitive adults. 

Nurturing confidence in them makes them more assertive and less aggressive. Egoistic individuals not only harm themselves but are no good for society. This also affects their mental health. They face hard times facing rejections, catering to diverse opinions. This makes them more aggressive and violent. Hence, it is very important to nurture confidence and eliminate the ego from a young age.

Follow your passion

 Doing what you love doing is the best way to stay mentally fit. Compromising with your passion will only deteriorate your mental health. Life is too short to live with grudges. Yes, we do settle a lot of time, but it’s sometimes not okay to settle for everything little thing. By following your passion, you not only stay happier but also add useful stuff to the world. It gives a purpose to your life because your work doesn’t seem like work, and you do not confine yourself to a stipulated working hour. You enjoy it. You live for it.

According to Sabrina Bryan of, “You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the focus and, the support.”


 A healthy body imbibes a healthy mind. Hence, in order to empower mental health, physical fitness is important. Exercising at least thrice a week helps in multiple ways.

  • It helps in building strong bones and muscles.
  • It helps you get good skin and hair.
  • Improves posture.
  • Boosts energy.
  • Bits of help reduce stress, also refreshes the mood.

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Hence, mental health is really important. One needs to address it at personal as well as the community level. The humanist approach towards living a healthy and happy life would not only grow awareness against mental health worldwide but also create a society with strong-headed individuals.

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