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Top 10 Food to reduce Belly Fat, Fat Burning Foods to Eat

Belly Fat is the most common type of fat that most of us experience in different amount. It becomes the most highlighted area of the body that we often try to hide behind various loose clothes,high-waist jeans, etc. Most of the times it stops us from wearing what we want. As a result, we either end up showcasing our paunch or buying and wearing only those clothes that hide our belly area, correspondingly, compromising on our wishes to wear whatever we wish to and too confidently. 

Knowing the reason why belly fat accumulates can serve as an essential step towards losing belly fat. Eating the right food, doing the right exercises to lose belly fat are two of the most powerful and methods to burn out that extra fat and also maintain a slim and toned belly. A slimmer belly not only adds to our overall personality but also indicates a healthy body.

Reasons For the accumulation of belly fat

  1. Hormonal Changes
  2. Weaker Metabolism rates
  3. Eating the food wrong way
  4. Eating more fat and carbohydrates, less protein
  5. Not drinking enough water
  6. Genetic issues- For some of us, Obesity runs in the Genes.
  7. Excess calorific intake, in addition to high sugar levels of sugar consumption.
  8. Stress, this is equally responsible for that paunch coming out.
  9. Lack of sleep also contributes.
  10.  Not exercising at all.

How does Food help in losing belly fat?

The right choice of food helps in help in not only cutting down the fat but also uplifts the metabolism level. Before exercising proper diet is required to reduce belly fat. The combination of diet and exercise in like manner burns our more calorie than is consumed. Most people resort to oily, deep-fried, but if your waistline matters to you, need to give up on high-calorie fast foods. Additionally, you need to add high-fiber and protein food to your diet. Given below are some of the best options.

Top 10 food to reduce belly fat


Fruits have a low calorific value. Furthermore, they are rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. They are absolutely necessary for losing belly fat. Opt for more number of citrus fruits because they contain more vitamin and fibre than others. The acids present in the fruits burn out the belly fat faster.

Snacking on fruits and ditching fries and burgers can surely bring a visible change to your waistline. Eat kiwi, oranges, apples, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, etc. The excess water content in some of these fruits also replenishes the water scarcity in the body.


Oats are rich in insoluble fiber and some carbs that cut down on hunger, not to mention, cravings! Eating Oats for breakfast is the best thing you can do, to satiate yourself for a longer time as well as boost your metabolism levels. It gives strength for a stronger, healthier body and a better workout motivation. Lose the fat content in your body by opting for oats, at least 3-4 times a week. Choosing a bowl of oats with low-fat milk or a better idea would be plant-based milk ( almond, soy, coconut, etc.)

Go for flavorless oats as the flavored ones are rich in artificial preservatives and contain a lot of sugar, adding to the calorific value.

Almonds and Walnuts

One of the healthiest options for a snack. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, these nuts not only brings down hunger pangs and increases energy and metabolic rates but also helps in burning calorie. Additionally, these are good fat which should be taken as these do not contribute to increasing calorie. Wonderful source of nutrients, especially for Vegans.


This is a protein-rich source of minerals and antioxidants. This amino acid-rich food contains a particular type called Leucine which serves as a catalytic agent for burning the belly flaps. Eggs are low in calories and fat too.

PRO TIP: Consume the egg white, as it is made of only protein which is way more useful in losing that fat around your belly. In case you consume less to no carbs (rice, bread, chapati, fulka, etc.) consume the whole egg with the yolk, as it gives you the deficit carbs and healthy fat.


We are always a deficit in Vitamin D due to less sun exposure. As a matter of fact, consuming mushroom generates vitamin D so that your belly fat-fighting meals are in constant activity.


These are perfect for weight loss and burning calories. Beans are a perfect blend of fiber and protein, it ensures that lower calories are consumed. They support weight loss and contribute to wholesome meals, as you do not starve for a long time. Beans can be eaten for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

Green Tea

Green Tea contains around 25 to 50 mg of caffeine in a cup. It helps boost metabolism. It also leads to powerful antioxidant properties supporting the norepinephrine in the brain sending signals to the body to break down fat cells and use fat which is already stored, to impart energy. Comparatively, consuming green tea along with daily set workout shows better results than skipping exercise and only sipping on the beverage.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is not the same when it is considered to other fats. It includes medium-chain fatty acids. The metabolization in coconut oil happens in a unique way so as to provide detailed and better health benefits. The essential oils in it keep you full and satiated and make you eat less in a day.

Astonishingly, this miraculous oil can burn 12 calories alone in a day. Change your cooking oil today to get the best result and health benefits.

Yogurt/ Curd

A key ingredient of yogurt is calcium that is perfect for making the bones stronger. This particular property of bone development can speed up the weight loss process by 50-70 percent. Opt for Greek yogurt/ Hung curd as it contains less sugar, salt, and more protein. One of the best probiotic and a blessing to your gut health it anyhow is an ideal choice for both in losing belly fat and overall well-being.


High in antioxidant properties such as vitamin K, B9, A, and C. Additionally, it contains Fiber and protein in a generous amount which ensures an automatic impact on belly fat reduction without weight gain.

Eating food rich in fiber and protein and equally low in carbs and fat will certainly help you in losing belly fat. Exercise at least 4 times a week to welcome a slimmer and trimmer you! Losing belly fat is one of the greatest individuals.

Eat healthy, eat on time and exercise regularly.

Stay Healthy, Stay Positive!!

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